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Open for Submissions

By Deren Bott

It’s that time of year again. The weather is starting to cool off, you’re getting into the rhythm of balancing classes and writing, and Sink Hollow submissions are back open! If you’re new here, welcome! We’re happy to have you!

Since you’ve found your way here, it’s likely that you are someone who has that burning desire to create. Whether it is through literature or art, you are someone who expresses yourself and your passion through your work. Here at Sink Hollow, we celebrate exceptional undergraduate pieces and seek submissions of original fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and art.

“We value pieces that light fires strong enough to survive a freeze. We call for works that call back, that echo, that stun, that sink inside us and stay. Whoever you are, we ask you to give us your words, your art, your passion—and in return we’ll give your piece a place to call home.” - Sink Hollow Mission Statement

If you’re still working or just starting a piece, here are some tips and resources to help you along in the process:

Create what you love

Everyone has their own unique perspectives that fuel their creativity. These perspectives, personalities, and passion are what make good works become great. When you create something that you’re passionate about, you give it life. It becomes something that lives and breathes. So create what you love. Don’t be afraid to pour yourself into your work. Create something new. Something that you’re proud of. Something that you can call your own.

Make time to be creative

While many people believe that creation is a passive process where you simply wait for inspiration to strike, it is actually an active process that requires work. One of the key parts of this is making time to be creative. Set aside time every day that you can dedicate to your piece so that it can become the best it can be!

Keep at it!

Once you get started, keep at it! Even if you run into writer’s block or dry spells, don’t give up! Keep writing, keep drawing, keep creating!

When you feel like your piece is ready for submission, please see the Sink Hollow Submission Guidelines. Submissions close on November 18, 2022.

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