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The Love Hypothesis

By Jenni Cooper

One of my favorite small joys in this life is picking out my book choice at the start of every new month for the subscription box Book of the Month. Book of the Month picks 5 books to rep as their books of, you guessed it, the month; and then you get to pick what book to call your own! I’m definitely not doing an advertisement for Book of the Month right now, but with how many times I’ve already said Book of the Month in this article, I should be. ANYWAY—I usually enjoy the books I read, and I find books I would never have known existed otherwise. I could recommend many books I discovered through this subscription box, including; Red, White, and Royal Blue, The People We Keep, Beach Read, The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue, and multiple others that are probably categorized under the genre Romance (sorry not sorry). The romance novel I am here to talk to you about today, however, is the book titled The Love Hypothesis.

Why? Because this book didn’t deserve to be this good. What I mean by that is, this book took me completely by surprise. I love a good romance trope as much as the next girl, and The Love Hypothesis’s main trope is “fake dating,” so I was ready for all the cheesy, silly love-filled pages. It gave me that, but it also gave me so much MORE. The Love Hypothesis is the perfect rom-com book. It made my insides gooey and gave me all of the cheesy tropes with perfect delivery. I swooned over dark, broody, sensitive, I-hate-everyone-but-her Adam Carlsen. The fact that he has loved her since he first met her? Yes, perfect, thank you. The way Adam looks out for Olive, but Olive is this quirky protagonist that is super smart and capable and doesn’t need protecting like some Bella Swan? Exactly what we wanted, duh. Even though the tropes are cheesy, the writing and characters aren’t. I have read my fair share of romance novels, and I can tell you that this is one of the good ones. I’m more of a historical or fantasy romance gal myself, but this contemporary romance was exactly what I didn’t know I needed.

To sum up things: Olive Smith is a third-year Ph.D. candidate who doesn’t believe in long lasting relationships, but she has to convince her best friend that she is totally fine and not pining over her ex-boyfriend (if you can call him that) and so she convinces her best friend she is dating somebody else already but she actually totally isn’t and so she kisses the first boy she sees which happens to be The Adam Carlsen, a young hotshot professor that everyone thinks is an ass, but really he is just a dark and damaged professor that needs love and saving just like Olive and so they pretend to date to convince Olive’s best friend she’s totally in love and not sad and to convince Adam’s big bosses at the university that he is stable and not leaving the state so he can get his funding to do cool science things and then of course, because they are spending all this time together (and nobody was expecting otherwise), Olive and Adam actually fall in love and all the best things about romance novels ensue. Phew. Well, that’s all I got. Have a happy November day and read this perfect romance novel soon!

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