Established by students and faculty at Utah State University, Sink Hollow is an online journal of quality works that offers undergraduate writers an opportunity for recognition and publication. We value pieces that light fires strong enough to survive a freeze. We call for works that call back, that echo, that stun, that sink inside us and stay. Give us your words, your art, your brain, and your tongue and we’ll give your piece a place to call home.


The site of a geo-meteorological anomaly imparts its name to this journal. The sinkholes within the Wasatch-Cache National Forest in Logan Canyon produce the coldest temperatures in Utah – and often in the entire contiguous United States. The bottom of the sinks never goes more than four days without a freeze, even in midsummer. These pools of trapped nocturnal air can vary from the temperatures surrounding the sinks by as much as 70 degrees. It is so cold, trees do not grow there. We send our salutation from a desert climate valley at -69 degrees.


Welcome to Sink Hollow.