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About Us

Our Mission Statement

Sink Hollow discovers and celebrates exceptional undergraduate literature and art. 

We value pieces that light fires strong enough to survive a freeze. We call for works that call back, that echo, that stun, that sink inside us and stay. Whoever you are, we ask you to give us your words, your art, your passion—and in return we’ll give your piece a place to call home.

History of Sink Hollow

Founded by students for students at Utah State University in 2016, Sink Hollow is an online literary journal that offers undergraduate writers an opportunity for publication and recognition. We have published three issues per year since 2016 and given voice to an array of international writers and artists—granting many of them their publication debut. We’ve published writers and artists from around the world and are proud of the global impact our local magazine has made.


Our Commitment to Diversity

Our purpose is to publish literary works that give tribute to the human experience. We raise up the voices of those who are silenced.


Sink Hollow welcomes submissions from undergraduate creative writers and artists from all over the world. We are committed to publishing work that represents the diverse experiences and voices of members of our global community.

Why Sink Hollow ?

The Logan Canyon is home to one of the nation’s strangest geographic anomalies. The neighboring sinkholes within the Wasatch-Cache National Forest produce the coldest temperatures in Utah—and often in the entire contiguous United States. The bottom of the sinks never lasts more than four days without a freeze, even in midsummer. These pools of trapped nocturnal air can differ from the temperature in the surrounding area by as much as 70 degrees. In the sinks, nothing can survive the cold—not even the evergreens. We send you our salutations from a desert climate valley at -69.3 degrees.

For more information, visit our blogpost on our namesake: 
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