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It's Okay If It Is Hard to Write Right Now

by Brianne Sorensen, Editor in Chief

Lately, the last thing I have wanted to do is write. I don’t want to sit down and write out what I am thinking, because it is all too scary.

This is not a post about how writing will cure all the ails of the world we live in right now.

This post is about how it is okay to not be okay right now.

It is okay to start to write something and immediately want to do something else.

It is okay to write something and immediately hate it right after.

It is okay to write something that doesn’t capture your thoughts and feelings because you aren’t sure how to do that right now.

It is okay to feel like you are being non-productive right now.

And, it is okay if writing is the only thing that does feel right these days and you are writing more than you ever have.

It is okay.

At Sink Hollow, we encourage you to feel all of those things and write if it feels good. We support you. If it doesn’t feel good right now, we hope it gets better soon. We will be here when it does, waiting to help your work, and you, find a home in our magazine.

Sink Hollow is an advocate for mental health and healing. If you need help, here are some resources for you.

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